Participants of MML span multiple departments and faculties across Stellenbosch University. Here we list Stellenbosch faculty who consider their core research to include Machine Learning. This includes both foundational and applied research.

Bubacarr Bah

Bubacarr is interested in the mathematical foundations, algorithms, & applications of data science, and compressed sensing.

Willie Brink

Willie's interests include deep learning for image and video analysis, as well as visual knowledge modelling.

Johan du Preez

Johan immerses himself in probabilistic pattern recognition and machine learning.

Trienko Grobler

Trienko uses machine learning to solve problems in remote sensing, interferometry and trajectory mining.

Herman Engelbrecht

Herman’s research interests are in applied machine learning, specifically collaborative, multi-agent reinforcement learning in Minecraft.

Herman Kamper

Herman works on low-resource speech and language processing, with some research in computer vision, robotics and communication.

Steve Kroon

Steve's research interests are machine learning theory, sequential decision making, and search techniques.

Ulrich Paquet

Ulrich is an AI researcher in DeepMind and loves growing tech innovation ecosystems.

Corné van Daalen

Corne focusses on reasoning and decision-making under uncertainty, applied to mobile robots.

Dawie van den Heever

Dawie uses machine learning as a tool to unravel the mysteries of the brain.

Bruce Watson

Bruce's interests include cyberwarfare, KR, algorithmics, correctness-by-construction, programming language design, and optimisation.