Maties Machine Learning (MML) is a seminar series and discussion forum with the goal of bringing together people working on machine learning at Stellenbosch University. We meet roughly every second week for short talks on people’s current work, some ML-related topic, or open discussions. The idea is to get to know what others are working on and to strengthen machine learning research at Stellenbosch.

Upcoming talks

25 May 2023, 13:00-13:50 in room A308 (General Engineering)

  • Janusz Meylahn - Algorithmic collusion with multi-agent reinforcement learning

Algorithmic collusion arises when multiple algorithms that should be competing, learn to work together to the detriment of society. Markets in which pricing algorithms are employed by multiple firms are an example of where this could occur. In order for policymakers to legislate against the use of collusive algorithms, they must know which mechanisms lead to algorithmic collusion. In this talk, I will outline the progress I have made in trying to understand how collusion emerges among reinforcement learning algorithms.